lunes, 27 de septiembre de 2010

It´s been a while since the last time i published something. I´ve been kind of busy, without much time to sit and write, and also without much to write about. It feels as if after having studied a lot for a final exam or a parcial test i´m brainless .... hahaha. Silly, but i have the feeling that i´m like a lamp that has been turned on for days and then i´m turned off and useless. :S Crazy, ah?!

I´ve been thinking about arguments.... as we read and talk about it every week at university, is a topic that moves around my mind all the time. An argument.... what is an argument? A question that anyone could answer. For exaple: In logic, an argument is a set of one or more meaningful declarative sentences (or "propositions") known as the premises along with another meaningful declarative sentence (or "proposition") known as the conclusion. That is a simple answer.... But what is important is not what an argument is, but how to use them. To properly use an argument is to be able to put them in a cohesive way so what you are trying to convey is understood by those who will read the text. (If i´m wrong, please correct me!)

To be honest, it´s not so easy as it seems to be. It takes a lot of practice, reading, and time. But it can be done, it´s not impossible.... a la larga o a la corta se te termina CAYENDO UNA IDEA! JAJAJAJAJAJA.


P.s: feel free to write your opinion.....about whatever you like.


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  1. First of all thanks to stop by my blog!
    Secondly, I have some problems myself with arguments, ideas and everything!
    It seems simple right? You only have to write a thesis and then the points that lead you to state that thesis, that would be the arguments right? But what happens to me is that I cannot state the arguments clearly, or I get confused with the arguments haha